Suggestions for Women’s Career Advancement

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How would you respond if someone asked you how much you believe a woman should earn on average for performing the same work as a man? Would you believe the pay scales were identical?

They are not, plain and simple. The wage discrepancy between men and women continues to exist. Indeed, this ratio is a startling 80.5 percent, according to 2017 US census data. In other words, a woman makes £80.50 for every £100 earned by a man. And at the current rate of wage convergence, women will not attain equal pay until 2059.

Suggestions for Women's Career Advancement


Today, women face major impediments to employment equality. Three tips are offered below to aid women in developing their careers and advocating for their employment.

Take Pride in Your Professional Advancement

Never be scared to communicate your dedication and ambition to advance up the corporate ladder. Whether you work for a large corporation, a startup, or a charity organisation, you are your best advocate for achieving the job you seek, so treat your future with dignity and give it your all.

Understanding how to communicate your motivations is a critical first step toward developing a self-promoting attitude. Consider what pushes you each day to come to work. Demonstrate your commitment to your job.

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By infusing your work environment with this enthusiasm, you will motivate not only yourself, but also your team to accomplish the organization’s goals.

The following are some pointers on how to do so:

Adopt language that reflects your convictions about the influence of your job on your clients, consumers, and community. Demonstrate how this is directly tied to your specific goals.
Adopt the mindset of “I want to be here, I want to create my career here, so I’m going to give this job my all.” Share your devoted perspective with your peers and seize opportunities when they arise.

Demonstrate Your Willingness to Take on the Difficult Situation

Hewlett-Packard performed research to identify why women are underrepresented in managerial positions. Men will apply for a promotion if they believe they satisfy 60% of the criteria; women, on the other hand, will doubt their credentials unless they meet 100% of the criteria.

The study’s fundamental lesson is straightforward: Simply apply!

Rather than perceiving a lack of qualifications as a flaw, view it as a chance to demonstrate your commitment to success. Accept self-promotion. Consider defining employment gaps in terms of potential for prior experience to be used. Make use of terms such as “That is an intriguing task.” I’ve already accomplished something like, therefore getting this ability will be straightforward.” Alternatively, “In the past, I confronted a similar circumstance and used my creativity and dynamic thinking to build the necessary abilities to lead my team to success.”

If you need to familiarise yourself with certain systems or experiences before to applying for a job or getting a promotion, seek additional study or training materials to prepare. If you are unfamiliar with a system but are motivated to learn about it, your determination to discover a solution may get you recognition.
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Networking, Networking, and a Whole Lot More

It is vital to maintain a consistent network. Inquire about the roles, experience, and suggestions for advancement of your coworkers and supervisors. Inform them candidly and directly about your employment objectives and want to learn. Individuals value sharing their experiences with those considering a similar path and will happily share their knowledge with you when available.

Consider a period when you felt your knowledge of a system or work was superior than that of others. If someone seeking aid from your experience contacted you, you would gladly give your knowledge, correct? Consider the other side of this issue and get clarifications from your peers regarding their roles or organisational perspectives. You never know what you’re going to uncover or which relationship will wind up advocating for your next move.

When networking with individuals outside your organisation, it is vital to have a polished elevator pitch that communicates your current status and future ambitions succinctly. Create 30-second, one-minute, and two-minute elevator pitches. Are you in need of assistance? Begin by completing the following sentences:

“As a member of my present team, I am accountable for…”
“I am so dedicated to the work that I do because…”
“Ultimately, my goal as a business is to make a greater impact on…”
“My ideal position would enable me to leverage my strengths…”


As a result, take pride in your career growth, demonstrate your desire to tackle new challenges, and continue networking. Keep in mind that your coworkers are a goldmine of knowledge. Contact them and discuss your professional goals, your organisation, and their experience; they are likely to be of assistance to you on your journey. Above all, remember that you are your greatest advocate and deserve to be treated equally; therefore, demonstrate to them that you possess the necessary qualifications.