High-tech Shower Upgrades You Didn’t Know You’ll Need for Your Bathroom

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New technologies for home are really taking off as devices are being introduced for every room in the house. Advanced technology enables all parts of our home to get smarter everyday, and the bathroom is no exception. With growing trends towards Smart Home features such as voice-activated control systems and integration, you can now enjoy your shower without lifting a finger while ensuring all safety aspects thanks to the advancement of high-tech shower upgrades below:

  1. Smart Shower Technology


Digital shower is a familiar category for everyone since it allows convenience by providing complete control of temperature and water flow within a simple and easy to use controller. Smart Shower, simply is the next step up from a digital shower, and incorporates all the advantages that digital models can offer. Moreover, a Smart Shower can enhance new features to compliment the busy lives we all lead. With innovative features such as: Wifi Connectivity, Mobile App Integration and Voice Activation, Smart Showers really are the next generation in showering technology. A smart shower system enables you to create, automate and personalise your own shower experience.

  1. Quiet Shower


One of the latest trends towards showering to keep up with a growing wellness trend is simplicity and a more eco-friendly approach. Manufacturers are trying to adapt to these trends by introducing new wellness-oriented products that seek to nurture users while also trying to make contributions towards water restrictions. The new water distribution technology enables an incredibly soft and gentle feel on the skin. The flow of water is so sophisticated that it barely makes any splash when hitting the floor. Also, the sound reduction aspect is an added benefit for open-designed bathrooms.

  1. Voice Activate Shower


You can easily manage your own shower setting such as setting the presets for your water temperature for a perfect shower everyday and use your voice to activate your shower or bath. For instance, Aqualisa Smart Shower range can be controlled using both Amazon Alexa and Google Smart Home devices by asking to switch your shower or bath on and off.