Why Rehabilitation Centres Should Allow Pets?

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Fitting your battle against addiction is not easy. It can take a huge toll on your emotional existence while your mind and body are fighting against every instinct to detox and break free. This is that one time when one goes through the feeling of emotional isolation, like you are fighting a battle no one knows of. This is also the time when you should use up all the support that you can gather. While forming sincere human bonds may seem to be impossible, nothing makes it as easy and enterprising as pets do. Yes, it’s a bond that transcendent all others.

Rehabilitation Centres Should Allow Pets

Here are a few reasons why rehabilitation centres should allow pets:

Touch of comfort and familiarity– The rehabilitation phase can put you through a lot, mentally, emotionally and even physically. When dealing with any kind of addiction, you are not the only one who goes through the highs and lows, those around you feel it too, especially your furry friends. And no one supports you more unconditionally than them. First week at the rehab can be very uncomfortable, getting used to the new schedule and the new people around may take time. Having a walking, talking, loving ball of fur will help to add a touch of support and familiarity.

Animal assisted therapy accounts for rapid healing–  And this is a proven, scientific fact. You know what, it does not even have to be your pet. Just being around animals can help you make your therapy more effective. Perhaps it’s the soothing effect or the lack of judge mentality that only animals can offer but the outcome is, as seen in research, a decreased blood pressure and a reduced heart rate. It also elevates mood, increases beta-endorphin levels, raises self-esteem and helps in decreasing anxiety.

Pets make for the best confidante– It can get more than just a little unnerving when someone in a room full of strangers ask you to “tell a little bit about yourself”. You don’t know where to start, where to finish and it sounds like an alien thing to do if you have kept things bottled up for the longest period of time. However, with animals around, such is never the case. Having a dog around for example, one that will listen to you patiently and compassionately, can be the ultimate conversation starter. They give you a funny feeling that they understand every word you say and feel every emotion that you feel, and it is true that they do.

Can you seriously imagine a better counsellor to assist you back to normalcy? Well, it’s hard to do. While your therapists are trying their level best to restore you back, nothing seconds them more than these four legged, innocent-eyed angels from above. That is exactly the reason why some rehabs go out of the way to allow pets. To know more about such centres, you can visit the site https://www.rehabsthatallowpets.com/ and it should be able to furnish you with every detail that you need.