What is a Psychic Reading, and How to Find the Right Psychic Reading for You?

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Today, we will talk about the types of psychics and the types of psychic readings they have to offer! Why? Because it is important to know what kind of reading you need before calling a psychic, otherwise you may get a BAD reading from a GOOD psychic! Does it make sense? I hope so… let’s take a closer look below!

OK… are there different types of psychics that offer different types of reading?

Definitely yes! The truth is that psychics, like doctors or lawyers, have specialties. Just like you wouldn’t go to a surgeon for a cold… You may want to avoid (or be attracted to) various types of intuitive ideas, depending on the type of reading you need.

Psychic Reading

There are many types and methods of psychic reading. Some psychics practice only one specific area of ​​expertise, and some offer more than one paranormal area of ​​expertise. Psychic readings can be done face-to-face or psychic reading online, telephone reading and letter reading.

Remote reading – Remote reading is done without meeting the client face to face. Psychics use intuitive senses to determine possible outcomes or solutions to questions posed by clients over the phone, email, or through online psychic services.

Psychometric Reading – In psychometric reading, the psychic reads energy patterns in objects or areas that come into contact with us. It is believed that objects that are near a person retain their energy. A clairvoyant reader can absorb information about the subject, history, events or emotions of people associated with the subject.

Aura readings – Auras are a series of tiered color contours that radiate from the surface of our bodies. No aura is the same. Aura changes according to emotion. Psychic Aura has the ability to see or feel aura, observe and interpret its meaning to the person.

Tarot Reading – Tarot reading does not require psychic abilities. A tarot reader uses a deck of 78 cards known as tarot to predict and interpret relationships, love and career. There may be variations in the interpretation of the open tarot cards. The tarot card reader may have their own interpretation of what the open tarot cards mean in relation to the client.

Numerology – There is a belief that the numbers associated with us, such as date of birth, letters in our names, have an impact on our lives. Numerology, which was considered a part of higher mathematics in ancient times, is not a form of psychic reading. Numerologists, when consulted, have the ability to use your numerical data to guide you through your personal and professional issues. It can also help you analyze your personality and show you how to use your strength numbers for personal success.

Palmistry – Palmistry is a popular method of clairvoyance. This includes predicting your future by studying the lines, shapes, creases, and curves of your palms. Palmistry can be learned and the reader does not need to be a psychic.

Astrology – Astrology is the ancient practice of reading one’s future based on their date of birth and astrological alignment. Understanding changes in one’s planetary and star alignments can help one understand their current situation, prepare for the future, and make positive changes in their life. Astrology can be learned and does not require psychic abilities. Astrologers are often consulted to help one predict the day or year ahead by predicting areas related to love, marriage, romance, or career.

Cartomancy or Playing Card Reading – Cartomancy is the use of playing cards to predict or predict future events. A deck of 52 cards allows the reader to interpret past and future events in a person’s life. Cartomancy experts are often consulted to predict areas related to love, marriage, romance, or career.

Many of us at some point in our lives have had the desire to receive some form of psychic advice. Do your research before consulting a psychic and keep an open mind when you see one to get an accurate reading.


Here’s what you need to know about psychic reading. For the best results, you need to make sure that you hire a good reader. A good reader is one who guides you, not directs you. A good reader will also help you “see the forest” and not leave you among the trees.

It is important for a psychic to advise you on things that may be confusing to you; however, you should hire a reputable psychic. For golden tips on how to find reputable psychics, visit the links provided.

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