You May Be Surprised To Know What Cats Think About Us

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Many believe that cats do not care about their owners, but that is not true; they just show it a bit differently. For all of you who have a furry friend at home, you should take good care of them and make sure they have the best health and veterinary help from Gordon Vet Hospital.

Today, almost every house either a dog or a cat, or both, and humans have a rather love affair relationship with felines. There is still a lot we do not know about cats, including what they actually think about us?

Cats see

Cats see us as “big clumsy cats”

Cat behavior

Unlike dogs, cats have a different and sometimes questionable behavior towards their owners, which is why we are all left a bit confused. There are some people who have tried to see what they are trying to tell us, and this was the result of that.

The research

There were a lot of cats that were observed, which helped the researches see a pattern. They would watch the way cats interact with other cats, with their owners, with unfamiliar pets, while deducing their social structures. When you watch the cats that are free-ranging and then you see those in shelters who are living in huge numbers together, you get to a very interesting dynamic.

There are also the more manipulative ways of studying, such as observing the way cats play with a variety of toys, together with testing their behaviors. Here you can clearly see the relationship they have with their owners.

Cats do not “get us”

There were also a ton of researches don eon how dogs see us, and it has become very clear that dogs see us as beings different from them. For example, when they see a human they react differently than when they see another animal, also, the way dog plays with us is very different from the way they would play with another dog.

Cats get along better with dogs than with another cat

Cats get along better with dogs than with another cat

However, it is a bit different when talking about cats, as it was still not proven that cats put us in a separate box than themselves. While they obviously realize that we are quite bigger than them, they do not adapt their social behavior that much. Cats like to rub against our legs, put their tails up and groom us, but that is exactly what they would do to other cats too.

We are the big cats

In fact, to this day it is said that our pet cats just see us as bigger cats, which is why they behave towards us as they would towards another cat. However, they do think that we are rather clumsy, as not many cats trip over people, but we do trip over them. But, our cats do not see as as a dumber species, as they would never rub on a cat that is inferior to them.

Interesting fact

Many people do not realize it, but cats can get very stressed as well and it can affect their health. Cats are known to not get along with other cats as much, and people do not realize that that can stress them out.

Final word

The biggest reason why cats get taken to the vet is because of an injury that was caused in a cat fight, which is why you should always keep a vet close. While cats do see us as bigger cats, they still expect us to care for them, and that is what you are supposed to do. Call West Lindfield vet like Gordon Vet if your cat gets sick or wounded!

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