The most important instructions for care of elders health

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Aging is a natural phenomenon of every life. Everyone will have to face it in their lives. So we should take care of our health in this age because it will be very risky if we do any irresponsible thing such as unhealthy diet, unpunctual walk etc.

Common health problems in elderly people are weakness, tiredness, weak eye sides such as long eye, short eye, weak bones, tooth decay, sugar, high blood pressure etc.


There are some very important instruction of care for elder’s health Taking care of the elder’s people requires definite skills, especially when the care is dealing with a long-lasting health problem such as dementia or a hit. We should take healthy diet which has normal salt and other spices, if we are eating some sweet dish we should take less sugar in it.

And we also should be careful in walking we must walk daily for at least 1-3 hours, and we must do yoga daily, we must take proper rest, also proper diet, and the most important thing is we must get busy in any activity which is important because of psychological performance.

Vaccination of health care workers recommended as an approach for stopping influenza for elder patients in long-term care. Though, there have been no skillful studies to show whether this method is effective. Because they are more vulnerable to infections and to developing a greater severity of the disease and because their immune systems take longer to respond, vaccinations in the elderly can be of great benefit in preventing disease and managing its clinical course.

Pneumonia is a common cause of hospitalization and fatal disease among in elderly patients, but the associations between procedures of care for pneumonia and results are indeterminate, making quality improvement a challenge.

Elders always must care about their teeth the should eat the smooth meals such as cereals they also should drink soups and always take high genic foods and we should not do any irresponsible things with our diet, walk, jogging, yoga and etc because our single mistake will laid us to a dangerous disease.

These are some special instruction for elder’s health. By help of them we can get rid of dangerous diseases