Effective Home Remedies to Stop Alcohol Addiction

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It is not easy for an alcoholic to quit or stop drinking alcohol immediately, even if they want to. Addiction is like a disease which has affected many people and ruined families. It can be a difficult task to stop alcohol abuse but there are certain home remedies that will help overcome addiction towards alcohol. Listed below are some natural home remedies that will help in recovery.

Alcohol Addiction

Get busy doing things you like

There is a saying, “Idle mind is a devil’s workshop.” Well, it’s true. When you’re bored, sad, lonely, and depressed, you think alcohol is a solution. But in reality it only makes things worse. Instead, you should keep yourself busy by doing something that you love or that will take you away from alcohol. Try a new outdoor sport, a creative endeavor like painting or just try doing something productive that yields immediate results.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is available in almost every kitchen. Apple cider vinegar has various health benefits. Did you know your body converts alcohol into sugar? Sugar being an addictive is bad. So consumption of apple cider vinegar stabilizes your sugar levels. It is one of the most effective ways to stop alcohol addiction.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known as a “miracle food.” This is another food item which is easily available and has a number of benefits. Yeast fungus present in the body is due to alcohol consumption. Coconut oil kills the yeast present in your body. Consuming about one or two tablespoons on a daily basis will help in recovering from alcohol addiction.

Physical Exercise

Exercise is another effective treatment for alcohol addiction. Exercising helps relieve stress and also curbs alcohol cravings. Rehab centers also use this technique to help various addictions. A chemical substance called ‘Dopamine’ present in the brain decreases with regular exercises. Exercising uplifts mood, helps sleep better and also keeps you happy. All this in turn helps you stay away from alcohol.

Yoga & Meditation

Recovering from alcoholism requires a lot of hard work and dedication. This can be achieved by meditating and practicing yoga regularly. Firstly, tell yourself you need to quit alcohol. Make it your priority. Meditation helps you focus and concentrate. Yoga helps your mind and body. Both these together make you feel better and relaxed. Most importantly, it keeps you happy.

Fruits and Juices

Instead of alcohol, why not choose a glass of juice? Having fruits like apples, grapes and oranges will help to control the thirst for alcohol. Consuming just grapes and nothing else will help in curbing craving for alcohol faster. Other juices like carrot, beetroot, wheatgrass, and green juices improve the digestive system and cleanse the liver.

Love thy Herbs

Herbs such as Evening Primrose, Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Passionflower, Ginseng and a few others are an excellent resource to help quit alcohol. Alcohol damages the liver. These herbs basically detoxify the Liver function test and help to strengthen it. A certain amount of alcohol is present in herbs. So, you need to check the label before buying. For more info on effective home recovery remedies, check out The Recover.