Is Toothpaste The Way To Go For Having Those Pearly Whites?

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Nowadays people are more obsessed with teeth than ever. Everywhere you look, you will see pearly whites peeking out at you whether it is movie actors, TV actors, news castors or even politicians! And naturally, people want to be more like them so they want to have the typical Hollywood smile too. In fact, I know guys who were so obsessed with it that they had their teeth painted or bleached! Fortunately you would not have to go that far, you can achieve the results with a good teeth whitening toothpaste.


The uppermost layer of the teeth that is visible to the world is called the enamel. The enamel is naturally white in color, but if your teeth are not white then it is because something is concealing the natural whiteness of your teeth. The thing that turns our teeth yellowish and our smiles upside down is called tartar. Tartar is a hardened film of bacteria and minerals which forms on teeth and is pale yellow or brown in color. It is ironically also known as calculus. Anyway, this tartar hides the whiteness of teeth and emits the pale yellowish color that we so abhor. Which is where teeth whitening toothpaste comes in!

A teeth whitening toothpaste has extra chemicals and abrasives that enable it to remove even the most resilient tartar and expose the shiny whiteness of your teeth from under it, thus giving you the pearly whites that you so adore. These abrasives are very mild and they would not damage the enamel of your teeth in anyway. Now you would not be shy of smiling all the time. We all know that smiling more often makes you all the more good looking and adorable. So scrape every last bit of that nasty tartar off your teeth and start smiling again!