How to Avoid Cavity in Teeth

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Healthy teeth are one of the great blessings and you get to know their worth from those who don’t have them. We usually don’t care of our teeth and keep on treating them very poorly like having cold drink after hot tea. And we get to know the situation when it has gone worse. Life becomes tasteless when you’re confined to specific food. Really, no one would want to live like this. So, prevention is always better than cure.  There’re some ways that could help you stop cavities from growing up and damaging your teeth.


Use fluoride toothpaste

Get into the habit of brushing your teeth regularly after eating and drinking. If brushing after eating seems difficult, you may also rinse your mouth thoroughly as it takes out all the food particles stuck around your teeth and gums. Always prefer fluoride toothpaste because it helps fight against cavities and stops them from progressing. Another thing to keep in mind is to brush sensibly with light hands. If you brush your teeth aggressively with strong hands, chances are that your gums may start bleeding which is another big problem.

Eat tooth healthy foods

What you take in really matters a lot and you should be extra-conscious while finalizing your diet. There’re lots of foods that help avoid cavity in teeth and are good for your teeth health. Avoid sticky foods like chips, candy and chocolate. If you can’t live without them, try to get into the habit of brushing after eating. Junk foods and party foods shouldn’t be your priority and try to consider having fresh vegetables and fruits.

Tap water is good

Avoid drinking bottled water as it doesn’t contain any fluoride. Mostly, the public water supplies add fluoride to water, making it more secure to drink. So, prefer tap water over bottled water if you want to have healthy teeth.