Best Power Racks 2018

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I have always wanted to stay fit and this is always the wish of any other man. You cannot however stay in shape without the thought of a gym in mind. When I started working out, the nearest gym was quite a distance from my area of residence. This proved time consuming and a bit expensive. I therefore decided to start my own gym which I could use at my convenience.
Having obtained the weights, I required somewhere safe and reliable to place the weights. This is where the thought of the power racks came in. I did not only require a durable power rack but also one that was pocket friendly. Additionally, I needed one that is safer to use. I did not want to take things for granted hence I had to make a perfect choice for the power rack

I went through several literature and reviews about the best power racks 2018 and having visited couple of fitness centers, I found the following types of racks being the best. They guarantee safety and reliability to the user and they perform satisfactorily.

1 Valor BD-7 power rack with lat Pull

This is in fact a very good power rack especially if you are working out alone. It is made of strong solid steel chrome weight bar supports which can be adjusted accordingly. Incorporated to the power are two solid squat safety bars. Safety is therefore ensured while using BD-7 power rack. The heavy steel supports weight up to 230 pound lat-pulls. This absolutely suitable to heavy weights including the globally known wrestlers. Personally, I give this a whooping five star. I recommend it. Besides its strength, it a Do-it-Yourself’ type. You don’t need a specialist to assemble it. In just few simple steps then you will be ready to go.

2 Titan T-3 Series HD Squat Dead lift cage Bench

This power rack has enough carrying capacity for all types of exercises. It carries up to 750 pounds. It has a two by two-inch upright steel that ensure your safety while working out. What impressed the most about this type, is the space in the cage. It allows for wide pull-ups and side to side movements are allowed. There is enough squat space too. The power rack provides 28 different positions hence people of varying heights can comfortably use this facility. This power rack is obviously in my top 5 list. It is worth investing in it.


3 Power Rack line PPR 200X

Not all the people have the same financial capacity but all the people require good service. This power rack is always referred as Best Value for Money’ because it is cost-effective. Despite being cheap, it guarantees you safety and durable service. PPR 200X gives you adequate space without you feeling limited to squatting space. It has two heat-tempered and very safe liftoffs and saber-style rods that adds weight to your safety. The standard PPR200X measures 44 *82 * 46 inches hence it gives adequate work-out space.

4 Body-Solid Pro

This power rack can bear a weight of 800 pounds. Having space of 46 by 87 by 48.5 inches, it clearly shows that working space is not a limit here. Body-solid Pro Rack is a sturdy-like cage therefore safer to use it. The chin-bar and dip-bars are integrated on the rack to make it readily accessible whenever urgency calls for its uses. I find this types of power rack very essential for body builders and any other person who wants to keep it fit. This are not they only type of power racks available. The convenience, space and safety largely affects the choice of the rack one will choose. Choice and taste might also give affect your choice. All in all, ensure you make a good choice for fitness rack and your workout will be very enjoyable.