How to Get Six Pack Abs Quick

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Getting those six pack abs looks like a dream that may never come true?? Not anymore with these three crunches moves you can start getting your six pack abs in a week. Your six pack abs consist of muscles in your upper, middle and lower abdomen and these crunches focus on these core muscles. There are many other variations to it and can be tried after six months of doing these exercises like bench press, varied exercises with barbell etc. But for a starter or someone who want to strengthen their core muscles, these three exercise movements are enough.


Cycle Movement

Lie down on your back and lift your legs at thirty degrees. Now keeping your legs raised, move them up and down alternatively. Repeat these twenty times for first time and can go up to hundred counts as per your convenience. This exercise puts strain on your lower abdomen muscles.

Upward Crunches

Keep lying down and rest for one minute. Now raise both your legs at same time upwards towards your head and then straighten them to point your feet outwards. This exercise can be done as much as you are convenient with. This will help you build your middle abdomen muscles

Curl Up

Lie down straight and make a diamond with your fingers. Now bring your upper body and your knees to meet at the middle and then straighten up your body keeping your head and legs above ground. Repeat it for at least fifty rounds or until you feel strain on your abdomen. Once you start feeling the strain repeat it for twenty more rounds for then it is most effective.

This exercise helps build your lower, middle and upper abdomen muscles.

Do this as well

Doing above three exercises with help you build your core muscles quickly and effectively. But these should not be done standalone and one should start with some cardio warmup to avoid any injuries.

In conjunction with these exercise, you need to keep a track of your diet as well and drink lots of water. Avoid processed food and include lots of protein in your diet. Eat smaller meals at short intervals and avoid any food intake during late hours like after evening you can switch to liquid diet.

Taking supplements and working out in supervision of a trainer also helps but only if you are planning to walk down a ramp. Otherwise doing above exercises with some diet control will be enough for a starter.