How to Win Mcdvoice McDonald’s Survey Free Coupon

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McDonald’s is a renowned fast-food chain that was established in 1955. Being the second-largest fast-food chain after subway, McDonald’s is the most recognized restaurant in the world. The restaurant is famous for it’s delicious ice creams and burgers. To maintain the quality of food and services, the McDVoice survey is the platform where the company welcomes customer feedback and opinions. To serve its customers in accordance with the set quality standards, the management wants to ensure that millions of customers served on a daily basis should be satisfied.

Mcdvoice McDonald’s Survey

The main objective of the management to conduct the McDVoice survey is to get honest reviews and feedback from its customers so that they can provide them a better experience, food, and services. If you had any bad experience at the restaurant, don’t hesitate to speak out in the survey. The management welcomes both positive and negative feedback and uses them for further assessment.

What is the McDVoice Survey?

With the ever-growing numbers of fast-food restaurants located in nearly all countries across the globe, the management of McDonald’s found it crucial to offer a consistent customer experience regarding its menu, food quality, taste, services, facilities, and all other aspects. To make this happen, the company initiated an online survey named McDVoice customer survey which is conducted at

The main purpose of the Mcdonalds survey is to gather useful information and feedback from the McDonald’s customers about the restaurant and its food. The general opinions of the customers play a crucial role in finding the flaws and improve them in the future in order to provide the best customer experience. 

The survey generally contains several questions regarding the food and menu, services and facilities, restaurant employee’s behaviour, staff behaviour, friendliness and efficiency, cleanliness, and the overall environment of the restaurant. The collected data is pertinent to the management of Mcdonald’s to help resolve any issues, keeping customers satisfied, and improve the quality of food and services provided.

McDonald’s has arranged some rewards such as discount codes, coupons or free meals, or other products In return for the time you spend filling out the McDVoice survey online when you visit the restaurant next time.

How to Take Part in the Mcdvoice Survey?

  • You must have a valid receipt for a purchase of any outlets of the restaurant which should not be older than 7 days.

  • The receipt must contain the 26 digits code.

  • A good internet connection is a must. 

  • You should have any smartphone, computer, or internet-connected device to get entry to the McDVoice survey official website to participate in the survey.

  • The participant must be of 15 years of age or above to participate in the McDVoice survey.

  • The participant should be a legal resident of the District of Columbia or the united states.

  • To take part in the mcdvoice survey, customers must be acquainted with either English language or Spanish since the survey is available in these two languages.

  • The customer can participate in the 5 McDVoice surveys each month, regardless of how often you visit and eat at the restaurant.

Step By Step Guide To Complete The Mcdvoice Survey?

If you want to win a reward or a discount at the restaurant, you need to complete the customer satisfaction survey. To do that, there are few simple steps that you should follow. The survey takes no longer than 5 minutes to be done and you will be eligible for a reward. To make your experience easier for completing the McDVoice survey, follow the below-mentioned points.

  • To start with, get your receipt ready with the 26 digit survey code.

  • The receipt should not be older than 7 days.

  • Browse the official Mcdvoice survey website.

  • Enter the 26 digit survey code that is written on the top of the purchase receipt.

  • Once the code is validated, start completing the survey by answering all the questions sincerely. 

  • In case you don’t find the 26 digit survey code, enter the option below “click here”. You will see another window. You will be required to fill in the details such as store number, date and time, an order placed, amount paid, and the KS number.

  • Once you complete the McDVoice survey, you will receive a confirmation code. This code will be used to redeem discounts, free coupons, and meals. 

  • Next time you make a purchase at McDonald’s, show the validation code to the salesperson and receive the rewards or discounts.