Which Fruits are Best for Senior Citizens?

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If you are a senior citizen yourself or know someone who is one, then take some time out and find out what can you do to make an older immune system better. An immune system becomes weary with time and does not hold as much as it used to, back in the younger days. So which fruits are best to maintain your health if you have just crossed 60?

Which Fruits are Best for Senior Citizens?

Here is a list to make your days easier and lives better.


An apple a day will surely keep the doctor away, it will also keep the costs of medicines away! Apples are like medicine on their own, they are not even dangerous if consumed too much.


Oranges are high in Vitamin C content therefore they are always a great option when it comes to treating older people with care.


Coconuts are amazing and especially when you drink their water. On senior people, coconut oil can be used externally and the rest can be used internally, how amazing is that?


Dates have the solution to all worries, all health worries at least! As older people it is better to have light snacks, and dates are literally a light snack. They are perfection.

Star Fruit

Star Fruit does not only boost the immune system but in fact also ensures that cholesterol remains at a good rate. This is very important to make sure that a person lives longer and better. Starfruit ensures the above diligently.

Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear may not look as attractive however if you ask your immune system it would tell you otherwise. Prickly Pear increases the antioxidants in the body and ensures that a good health is maintained.

Custard apple

Custard apple tends to increase immunity boosting antioxidants and also lessens hypertension which is the worse killer of senior citizens especially. Hypertension can induce heart attacks like no other.

Sharon Fruit

Sharon fruit will boost energy and provide with a whole lot of driven will to exercise etc. It helps senior citizens battle laziness overall.

The above fruits are completely safe from any sort of side effects and will help you live a stronger and longer life. There is no guarantee to the length of life actually, but it will surely improve the quality of your life.

The last three are very exotic fruits that we have named and are a must try!

As you age, you become more and more picky about what you ear, or when it comes to feeding your ageing parents, you must be too picky. However, these fruits will never have any side effects and will remain your best choice for as long as you want. However, do not forget that working out and doing therapy are a must too, and one cannot just rely on the diet. Good luck and enjoy the sweet treats in the shape of fruits! If you are a fruit lover then you are in for a good time.