Get Fit And Healthy On A Yoga And Qi Gong Retreat

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Instead of escaping to the beach or on a family holiday, why not try a yoga and qigong retreat to boost your health by detoxing your body and mind.

Get Fit And Healthy On A Yoga And Qi Gong Retreat

Yoga has become a very popular form of daily exercise for some but for others it has become a way of life. With yoga’s many systems of practice ranging from very physical and challenging postures to sitting and meditating using a wide range of methods to help you find peace of mind. This ancient practice has been proven to benefit overall health by focusing on the mind, body and spiritual wellbeing of the practitioner. Using certain yoga techniques you can strengthen and tone the whole body with a regular practice while watching what food you put into your body. Yoga builds awareness of what we put into our bodies as well as what content we allows ourselves to be exposed too, this generates a feeling of calm and serenity for the practitioner.

Evolution Yoga Retreats have been offering medical qi gong retreats since 2008. Medical qigong focusses more on the internal organs by using practices that tone and strengthen as well as detoxing the organs. Each organ is associated with a specific emotion and meridian line. The forms used by qi gong practitioners affect the meridians that run through the body and remove energetic blockages.

The five animal qi gong practices which have been around for thousands of years are still practiced all over the world. These are also know as longevity practices that build and balance the qi or energy. Each movement is very slow and precise which enhances a proprioception within the movement, in other words qi gong allows the practitioner to know exactly what part of the body is being used as a whole unit.

All of these practices can be learnt at the Yoga Evolution Retreat Center which is set deep in the heart of central Portugal. The retreat center is set in 13 acres of forest land with breath taking views of the Portuguese mountains.

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