Acne is a very common problem. Everyone victimized of it. But no one like it and everybody wants to get rid of it earlier. But it is not easy to get rid of it. When acne appears it destruct your face beauty. Which is not tolerable for any girl. Because everyone likes her beauty even people loves their beauty. When acne appears people feels they lose their confidence just because of it. So they want easier and fast solution to get rid of acne prone skin.


Mostly acne prone skin starts in the teen age of every girl and boy it is exactly a stage of life which is a growing up sign. We thought that it will remove as soon as high school days will over. But mostly it is not happen. Acne comes in different form and spots come in various sizes. If you disturbs your acne by itching them they put their spot more deeply. And your hormones intense out of control. We all have the same goal to control acne. With the arrival of summer, the days have gotten hotter and pores are at risk of being blocked with excess sweat and dirt.

There are some special treatments which are very essential to get rid of acne which we are discussing here,

Use of Honey:

Honey is such a great thing which has ability to treat many diseases essentially it also have antibiotic property which helps to remove acne. Take one teaspoon of honey to affected areas, or make a mask by mixing half cup of honey with one cup of plain oatmeal and leaving it on for thirty minutes.

Keep skin healthy and hydrated:

You must drink at least 1 liter water a day which helps to keep your skin hydrated. Water plays an important role in keeping the skin healthy. Water also keep skin moisturizer. You can also look for gel formulas, which have a higher water content and tend to feel lighter on your complexion. The cool gel will feel especially refreshing on skin.

Everyone should be careful for this problem by the essential and affective home treatments

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