Which Country is Best for Surrogacy?

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Gestational surrogacy is sometimes the last chance for a childless couple who wants to add a new member to their family. However, this is a very complicated procedure. Therefore, it is allowed at the legislative level in a limited number of countries. And, considering the issues of costs and legalization of the newborn, the range of available jurisdictions is narrowing even more.

Feskov Human Reproduction Group, Ukraine, hospitably opens its doors to foreign patients. And it offers guaranteed surrogacy packages adapted to any requirements.

guaranteed surrogacy packages

Factors to consider when looking for a country for surrogacy

To competently plan their surrogate journey, parents should consider:

  1. Laws of the country must be as loyal as possible (Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, USA, Colombia). The rights and obligations of the parties clearly spelled out at the legislative level. Multi-stage protection of future parents, when a surrogate mother cannot keep the child for herself in any way. Quick legalization of a newborn with the issuance of all the necessary documents (passport, travel document, birth certificate), indicating the names of the real biological parents. Automatic citizenship of the country.
  2. Reasonable cost. For most future parents, the high cost of such services at their country is a limiting factor in starting their journey to parenthood. However, there are countries where the process does not require huge costs – Ukraine, Russia, Georgia ($ 35-60,000), compared, for example, with the United States ($ 130-180,000). At the same time, these countries have adequate legal protection for future parents.
  3. Procedure for transporting a child. Each case is unique. The process and the waiting time until it is possible to take the baby home depends on the citizenship of the parents and the local embassy. For example, in the United States, a family can return within 2-3 weeks after the birth of a baby.

Let’s consider the best countries for such a journey.

Countries with the maximum legalization of surrogacy

  1. The USA is considered the gold standard for commercial surrogacy worldwide. They have clear laws allowing heterosexual, homosexual couples, single men and women to use surrogacy services. Reproduction clinics and agencies provide the highest quality medical services and care, as well as legal protection, thanks to the concluded contract. The child receives the citizenship of the country. Very expensive – $130-180,000.
  2. Georgia permits commercial type of service. The technology can be used by a heterosexual couple married for medical reasons. Birth certificate with the names of the intended parents. A surrogate mother has no right to a child. Country citizenship. Inexpensive – $ 32-50,000. However, it is worth considering the peculiarities of the phenotype, conservative traditions, only the developing medical field.
  3. Colombia is gaining traction as the best jurisdiction for single and same-sex couples. A prerequisite is the genetic link with the child. Foreigners have equal rights with citizens. Surrogate children receive citizenship and all rights. The price is about $ 64,000.

However, it is Ukraine that is considered the most comfortable country for advanced ART technologies.

Ukraine is a European country recommended for surrogacy

Ukrainian legislation clearly specifies the rights and obligations of the parties involved – a heterosexual married couple who needs a service for medical reasons, and a surrogate mother. Intended parents are protected as much as possible by laws. And the contracts concluded guarantee that the surrogate mother will not be able to keep the child. After birth, the baby receives a birth certificate and citizenship. That provides him with unhindered travel with his parents to his homeland. For which sometimes DNA tests are required. In addition, serious Ukrainian clinics, such as Feskov Human Reproduction Group, offer guaranteed surrogacy and reproductive services programs at a fixed cost. This plan includes an unlimited number of IVFs, PGD / NGS genetic screening, donation, medical supervision of a surrogate mother until the birth of a live baby, etc. And also, support and assistance to parents at all stages of the process.

At the same time, the level of professionalism of doctors and medical service is very high. For example, IVF success rates are 75-85%, no lower than in the United States. And the price level is quite affordable – from $ 30,000 to $ 60,000.

In addition, the country’s convenient location – almost in the Center of Europe, makes Ukraine truly the most comfortable place to find parenthood.

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