Four Tips to Take Care of the Skin and Lips Parched in Winter

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Is your skin and lips too dry lately? Experts, tell you how best to keep your face, body, lip moisturized and soothe your skin.


If you feel your skin and lips dry when winter comes, you are correct. According to dermatologists, this happens because of the cold winds and the decrease of the humidity of the air. In this case, the only solution is to abuse hydration and avoid some common mistakes we make at this time of year. Next, check out the six expert tips:

  1. Invest in good moisturizers

In this season, it is worth exchanging that moisturizer that has a delicious smell for another that will soothe your skin deeply. Use products that contain urea, grape seed, vitamin C, ammonium lactate and PCA-Na in their composition. And have a cream for each of the areas: body, face and lips. Do not forget to moisturize your hands and feet, they usually dry out a lot. For your hands, look for the silicone-based creams because they do not make them ‘spoiled’.

  1. Avoid taking bath with very hot water

Due to the cold weather it is normal to want to raise the temperature of the water, but this makes the skin even drier. Extremely hot temperature dehydrates the skin, but if you choose to use hot water, I’ve never stopped moisturizing afterwards. Try to bathe with the always warm water, regardless of the season.

  1. Hydrate the body always after the bath

The dermatologist points out that passing cream soon after bathing is crucial. You can mix sweet almond oil with moisturizing cream; your skin will get even more moisturized and longer.


  1. Do not skin the skin

Exfoliation is only indicated for very oily skin, as it eliminates dead cells and removes all of their oils, causing dryness. So, if your skin is already dry, there is no need to use the scrub, even more in the winter. Normal skin soap is the right product.

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