Building a Career as a Fitness Trainer

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The most awarding careers are those passions that turn into jobs. At Origym, we focus on turning your interest into your job, so that you do not have to work any day of your life. Gettign a job as a personal trainer requires an individual who is enthusiastic about body training as this is a passion. After qualifying from Origym, you can get amazing job offers that will get you that dream salary you always desired. You can start working immediately you earn your level 2 Gym course. The average salary you can expect at this level is about 15K per annum. This staring salary will then grow as you get more experience and advance your training levels. The maximum salary you can get is unlimited.

Building a Career as a Fitness Trainer

Fortunately, you will not need to walk into the market alone. This is because Origym will hold your hand and guide you through the initial steps. Armed with the reputable Origym certificate of qualification, you are off to a good start. Through our team of experts at each level, you will have the required training as well as the resources you require to excel as a personal trainer.

The amount of money you garner from a personal trainer job depends on the kind of job you take up. You can become a personal trainer for a company, or choose to do it independently. If you have level four qualifications, your opportunities are limitless. Freelancing pays through per hour arrangement and you can choose the number of hours your work per week. This will reflect in the salary you get. A job as a personal trainer gives you the chance to determine your career path due to its flexibility. You may choose to work with a renowned company, work as a freelancer, and hold training sessions for trainees, or offer online training lessons. Whichever method you choose, you stand a chance to earn a handsome salary for your effort.

Another advantage involves the opportunity to multi-task. Even if you get a full-time job, you can squeeze in freelance personal training into your schedule. This depends on your availability and the flexibility of your working schedule. This way, you can have two income sources to offer you greater financial security.

Another option for earning involves setting up your own training facility. This may be costly because gym equipment is extremely expensive, and you might not get enough capital to start. However, this should not put you off. Rather, you can start your business by renting a facility. This will be a background for your advancement, and over time, you can get your own equipment and house.

Working in a health club is also rewarding for personal trainers in the U.K. The salary you get from this engagement should be dependent on the contract terms, and the number of hours you put in. Origym can help you get a job at the health clubs due to their affiliation with these clubs.

If you choose to strike, it on your own, Origym will help you to curve a reputable career path and earn a profit from your endeavours. Accelerating your career is Origym’s manner of giving back to you. Enrol with us today to get your career started. Follow Origym’s guide to employment for the best career choice.